Episode 11: Kill the Senate Bill


Republicans in the U.S. Senate are attempting to pass a repeal and replacement for Obamacare that would cost 22 million Americans including many Floridians their health insurance. 

Listen to our conversation with Carol Horning of Indivisible South Florida and Sheyla Asencios & Natalia Pérez Santos of For Our Future Florida on the consequences of Republican healthcare legislation, Florida based effort to kill the Senate bill, recommendations on what to read/listen to to stay informed, and more. 


Episode 10: How to Run 101


Thinking about running for office or know someone who should? Check out our conversation with Joshua Simmons, Emma Collum & Marley Wilkes recorded on the sidelines of the Florida Democratic Party's Leadership Blue Weekend.

Joshua and Emma have both recently declared for elected office, and Marley is the Executive Director of Ruth's List, an advocacy and training organization for women seeking to run in Florida.


Episode 9: DeRay, Kilan & Matt Talk Democrats, Podcasts, and Katy Perry


DeRay Mckesson--@deray-- is one of America's leading civil rights activists, a prominent member of Black Lives Matter, and host of the activism podcast Pod Save the People.

We had a chance to sit down with DeRay and friend of the Cast and Chakras & Side Eyes host Kilan Bishop on the sidelines of this past weekend's Florida Democratic Party Leadership Blue Gala (see Episode 8 for more info) and talk about the place for activists within the Democratic Party, podcasts as a vehicle for activism, and--of course--the California Girl, Katy Perry, who was a recent guest on DeRay's podcast.

Episode 8: Leadership Blue Weekend


This weekend Democrats and progressives from across the state will convene at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood for the annual Leadership Blue Gala. Starting with programming on Friday afternoon, the weekend will feature many free events including discussion panels, caucus breakouts, a gubernatorial candidate forum, and a Democrat Dance!

There will also be a fundraiser dinner with former Vice President Joe Biden as the keynote speaker.

We sat down with Johanna Cervone, Communications Director for the Florida Democratic Party to discuss this weekends events and what attendees can expect.

Discussed on the Show:


Call2Action: Stop TrumpCare!

Photo by themacx/iStock / Getty Images

The US House will vote at 10am today an a health care bill that robs 24 million Americans of healthcare coverage, enables ensurers to exclude people with pre-existing conditions, and is just mean-spirited and un-American.

Call your US representatives from Florida and tell them no vote on this terrible bill.

The key flippable Republicans in Floridaare Dan Webster, Carlos Curbelo, and Mario Diaz-Balart.

Contact Info:

Dan Webster

Washington, DC - (202)-225-1002

Minneola - (352) 241-9220

Inverness - (352) 241-9204

The Villages - (352) 383-3552

Brooksville - (352) 241-9230

Carlos Curbelo

Washington, DC - (202) 225-2778

Miami - (305) 222-0160

Key West - (305) 292-4485

Florida City - (305) 247-1234

Mario Diaz-Balart

Washington, DC - (202) 225-4211

Doral - (305) 470-8555

Naples - (239) 348-1620

Remaining US Representatives from Florida

Name Party Phone

Gaetz, Matt R 202-225-4136

Dunn, Neal R 202-225-5235

Yoho, Ted R 202-225-5744

Rutherford, John R 202-225-2501

Lawson, Al D 202-225-0123

DeSantis, Ron R 202-225-2706

Murphy, Stephanie D 202-225-4035

Posey, Bill R 202-225-3671

Soto, Darren D 202-225-9889

Demings, Val D 202-225-2176

Bilirakis, Gus M. R 202-225-5755

Crist, Charlie D 202-225-5961

Castor, Kathy D 202-225-3376

Ross, Dennis R 202-225-1252

Buchanan, Vern R 202-225-5015

Rooney, Tom R 202-225-5792

Mast, Brian R 202-225-3026

Rooney, Francis R 202-225-2536

Hastings, Alcee L. D 202-225-1313

Frankel, Lois D 202-225-9890

Deutch, Ted D 202-225-3001

Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D 202-225-7931

Wilson, Frederica D 202-225-4506

Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R 202-225-3931

Full US House Directory

ActionCalendar & Sideeyes: Climate March Recap, TrumpCare, and More!


We had friends of the Cast and hosts of the Chakras & Sideeyes podcast, Kilan Bishop and Mariama Gregory in the studio for our first crossover episode!

Kilan is earning her PhD in breast cancer research at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, currently sits of the City of Miami’s Sea Level Rise Committee, and recently spoke at the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. Mariama is an independent digital media strategist working with--among other organizations--Power U Center for Social Change.

Listen to Kilan’s recap of speaking at the national People’s Climate March, find out what’s coming up in ResistanceLand, and get more info on our Florida Action Cast studio audience tapings coming up May 22nd and 25th in Orlando and Miami!




Wednesday-Thursday, May 3rd-4th

Saturday, May 13th

Monday, May 22nd

  • Florida Action Cast Live Taping, Orlando (more info soon)

Monday-Wednesday, May 22nd-May 31st

Thursday, May 25th

  • Florida Action Cast Live Taping, Miami (more info soon)

Saturday, June 3rd

ActionCalendar: Bernie, Science March, May Day, and More!

We sat down with Giovanna Salucci, the founder of ResistMiami and the new Deputy Digital Director for the Florida Democratic Party to talk about resistance events happening across Florida over the next two weeks.



Wednesday, April 19th

Thursday, April 20th

Saturday, April 22nd

Thursday, April 27th

Saturday, April 29th

Sunday, April 30th

Monday, May 1st

Episode 6: Show Florida Your Taxes Donald!

Since 1973 when Richard Nixon released his taxes in connection with the Watergate investigation, every American president or presidential candidate has released some for of his or her tax return information to the public.

Everyone except, number 45, Donald Trump.

This coming Saturday, April 15th, people across Florida and across the world who are appalled by this unprecedented lack of transparency and being kept in the dark about the president’s foreign conflicts of interest and crooked business dealings will take to the streets for the first ever Tax March.

Emma Collum, Executive Director of Women’s March Florida/Head of Field Operations for the national Women’s March organization and an organizer for the West Palm Beach march, Ashley Johnston, an organizer for the Orlando march, and John Aloszka, an organizer for the Jacksonville march sat down to discuss their upcoming events and larger implications for the statewide up swell in resistance energy.    

Here's links for points of clarification and resources discussed on the show:

All Marches Take Place Saturday April 15th


Clarifications/Background for References Made

Episode 5: Fighting Back Against the Immigration Crackdown


Donald Trump campaigned on building a wall on the Mexican border and banning Muslims from the United States. In his first few months in office, he has issued two unsuccessful Muslim bans and convinced a few cowardly jurisdiction--including Miami-Dade County--to fall in line with his crackdown on so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Nancy Abudu, Director of Legal Operations for the ACLU of Florida, and Khurrum Wahid, a partner at Wahid Vizcaino LLP and co-founder of EmergeUSA, a non-profit focusing on  Muslim American civic engagement, recently sat down with Florida Action Cast to talk about the current state the immigration crackdown nationally and in Florida and some of the legal and grassroots responses taking place.

Here's links for points of clarification and resources discussed on the show:

Episode 4: The Indivisible Movement in Florida


Started by a group a progressive Congressional staffers shortly after the 2016 election with a spelling-error riddled Google Doc and deliberately modeled on the Tea Party, Indivisible has grown into a national force with chapters in every Congressional district aimed at stopping our slowing the Trump/Republican legislative agenda.

Dr. Michael Williams, Chair of Indivisible Miami, recently joined Florida Action Cast to talk about the national outlook for Indivisible and the local efforts of several Indivisible chapters across South Florida.

Here's links for points of clarification and resources discussed on the show:

Episode 3: Local and State Government Miami Style


One of the best places for individuals to get involved and effect change is at the local and state level. But to do this, it helps to know how these governmental and political systems function.

This Thursday, the Downtown Democrats of Miami are hosting Miami-Dade Civics 101.

Maggie Fernandez, President of sMIA Group and organizer of the Civics 101 event and Ron Bilbao of the Florida Education Association joined Florida Action Cast recently to talk about the upcoming event as well as government, civic engagement, and running for elected office in Miami-Dade County and the Sunshine State.

Here's links for points of clarification and resources discussed on the show:


Episode 2: Environment and Energy

From sea level rise to toxic algae blooms, our region and state is confronted with many environmental challenges. Florida Action Cast sat down with Pete Gonzalez, Director of Policy and Chairman at Urban Paradise Guild.

Here are some notes on specific upcoming actions/events and other topics that came up in the discussion:

Tomorrow: Take the Keys by Storm - canvassing in Florida House District 120 to get get constituents to support fracking ban and Everglades restoration. The House member from this district, Holly Raschein, is the Chair of the Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee in the House and is on the fence on many of the key issue.

Email pete@urban-paradise.org to join in.

March 21st-22nd: Reclaiming Florida's Future - Two days of training and environmental advocacy starting in locations across the state and converging on the State Capitol Building in Tallahassee. 

More info and sign up.

At one point it was mentioned that Governor Scott prohibited legislators from using the term "climate change." While there's no record of Scott issuing such a directive to legislators, this story from the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting details the unwritten policy of not using the term or associated terms at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection coincided with Scott's rise to power.

PewReseaechCenter poll on voting priorities in 2016 election

Episdoe 1 : International Women's Day

For our very first episode, we had the chance to sit down with Lutze Segu, Gender Justice Organizer for the Miami Worker's Center and New Florida Majority and Drey Aradanas, founder of the podcast Miami Grrrl.

Both Lutze and Drey are working on Women's Strike events for International Women's Day:

A Day Without Women - 10AM

International Women's Strike: Femmes Day of Resistance - 6PM

Listen to our first episode to hear from them about what to expect at their events as well as the opportunities and challenges presented by the swell in support for the women's movement. 

A note for listeners: in the episode we discuss Miami-Dade County's status as a "sanctuary city". Though there is no clear legally accepted definition for this term, in 2013 the Miami-Dade County Commission voted not to honor detention requests from federal immigration officials, thus earning it the distinction sanctuary city. Early this year, Mayor Gimenez, in a decision supported by the county commission by a 9-3 vote, reversed this decision. You can read more here.